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8bit] Stage 5

A song in which a famous vampire hunter seems to be the main character.

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The Abysswalker

Usual battle music with violins.
The electric guitar is not very prominent and is not a hard image.
The title is from a legend about a certain hero.

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[Conventional Combat] War Maiden in the Dead City

This is a battle BGM of violin and guitar rock in pursuit of melancholy.
The length is a little long for a normal battle for a tour de force, and there is a lot of development.
It could be used as a theme for the latter half of the story or for a specific character.

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Grim Determination

A speedy violin and guitar rock normal battle BGM.
It has a "Falcom feat. tri-Ace" kind of groove.

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[Conventional Combat] Deadly Sins

A royal battle tune with violin, piano, and electric guitar.
The intro is somewhat dramatic, so this material could easily be used for PV or boss battles.

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[Conventional Combat] Noble Excution

This battle music has an aristocratic nobility and melancholy.
It would be interesting to use it as a theme for a particular character or in a special battle.