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Event] Rest in Peace

As the title "Rest in Peace" suggests, this is a sad song with piano and chorus.
For game overs, farewell scenes, main theme of tragic works, endings, etc.

Event] Farewell

The time of separation that came. I will never forget the days we shared joy and traveled together.
With many memories in our hearts.

Event] Reminiscence

A reminiscence scene that makes you think of the past.
Those happy days that will never return.

Event] On a Night of Stardust

Starry skies, soothing nighttime themes.
Towns at night and talks under the night sky.

Event] Beyond Sadness

Farewell to a person. Bereavement. It makes me sad and makes me cry, but still...
But still, we move on to tomorrow with the memories we have shared together...that's what this song is about.

Event] Firefly Road

The image is "summer night". It is the one that makes some people go "ahhhhh".
A sad piano piece in the style of KEY, famous for Air and CLANNAD.