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For The Glorious Achievement

A generic normal battle song.
The melancholy melody played by the unison of electric guitar with synths is cool.

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[Normal Combat] Pledge to an Unseen Tomorrow

A popular violin battle piece that is easy to use in any game with any worldview.
It is not as melancholy as "Blade of Unflinching Will" in the same vein, but it has a sense of speed.

Battle for Honor

A rather short looped normal battle song (about the same as early SNES RPGs).
For some reason, it was used in the FF-style battle scene in "Yusha Yoshihiko and the Seven Heroes".

Normal Combat] Memories of a Certain Brave Man's Battle

This is the royal road. A trumpet battle tune. Since it starts with a decisive intro, it can be used for everything from normal battles to bosses, depending on how it is used.
However, it is not suitable for a long battle since it is a short one-minute loop.

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Set Ablaze

A rock-oriented song. It can be used universally for both normal battles and boss battles.
It can be combined with other songs and used as BGM for normal battles and boss battles in the latter half of the story.


This is a remake of BGM No. 7, one of the most popular songs for battle (most people use it) released in 1996 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).
This is a remake of BGM No. 7, one of the most popular battle music (used by most people).