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Town/Village] Sea, Coral, Palm Trees, and

Image of a tropical town with a tropical beach surrounded by coral reefs and palm trees. It could also be used for a theme song for a character from a tropical country.

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Town/Village] Nomadic Town

Far away, beyond the valleys and deserts, there is a city where wanderers gather.
The "Pavilion of the Goddess of Destiny" is the resting place of those who seek adventure and companionship.
They go there to find some immediate purpose to their random journeys."

Town/Village] Library of Sleeping Memories

A library in the farthest land that is said to control all memories.
The smell of old books brings back memories of distant days that you thought you had lost.

Nostalgia in a Wheat Field

Nostalgic countryside background music of acoustic guitar and harmonica
The golden wheat fields stretching endlessly bring back faint memories of my childhood.

Town/Village] In the far eastern kingdom

An oriental and mysterious atmosphere of a kingdom theme.
Also suitable for BGM for samurai character themes, Japanese style games, Eastern RPGs, etc.

Town/Village] Ruins Called Paradise

A town abandoned long ago. Now it is a silent ruin that no one visits anymore.
Only a few remnants of this once bustling place remain.

The Language of Lilacs

Heartwarming everyday BGM with piano and strings.
For towns, villages, and daily parts of adventure games.