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Event] Music Box of Memory

A distant memory lost when I was a child. A family that was kind to me.
A childhood friend whose face I can no longer recall. The view of the city from a meadow at dusk.
Those days to which I can no longer return.

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Event] Crazy Halloween Night

This song is like a dancing, boisterous party in a haunted house or a haunted castle.
So called Halloween.

Event] Rest in Peace

As the title "Rest in Peace" suggests, this is a sad song with piano and chorus.
For game overs, farewell scenes, main theme of tragic works, endings, etc.

Event] Farewell

The time of separation that came. I will never forget the days we shared joy and traveled together.
With many memories in our hearts.

Event] A Little Alchemist

Appearances of small mascot characters, conversation scenes, etc.
Or synthesis stores, magic stores, etc.

Event] Reminiscence

A reminiscence scene that makes you think of the past.
Those happy days that will never return.